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When you’re searching for a home on Maui, you may not be local to the area, so you don’t have a real estate agent you already know and trust. While there are plenty of experienced Maui real estate agents, you need someone who’s compatible with you. Check online reviews and ask family or friends for recommendations. Then start reaching out to licensed, knowledgeable agents and see who feels like a good fit.

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Once your Maui real estate agent search is well underway, it’s time to get pre-approved for a loan (if you don’t plan to pay cash). Pre-approval not only helps sellers see that you’re serious about buying, but it also helps speed up the buying process. Mortgage lenders will consider your income, debts, and credit score before giving pre-approval. In turn, agents will be much more likely to negotiate with buyers who are already pre-approved for a home loan.

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No matter whether you’re buying a full-time home, second home, or investment property on Maui, it’s essential to have a sense of your must-haves. From a minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms and ideal location to desired amenities in the home and budget, you and your real estate agent should both be clear on the home you’re looking for.

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If you're searching for a second home on beautiful Maui, the traditional real estate process may feel intimidating. Fortunately, technology has taken real estate to the next level by giving buyers the power to virtually tour homes without even stepping foot into the property. With a trusted real estate agent by your side, you can get an inside look at any property — virtual home tours streamline the real estate investment process, making it simpler and more convenient than ever before.

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Once you’ve found the Maui home of your dreams, it’s time to make the offer. Working closely with your real estate agent, you’ll determine a price that not only fits your budget, but that you’ll be confident in making. Your agent will also help determine local comparable sales to ensure you choose an offer that the sellers won’t be able to resist, then assist with the negotiation process.

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You’ve already been through the pre-qualification process and the sellers have accepted your offer, but now it’s time to get official loan approval. In order to close on the home, you’ll need to make any final agreements with the seller and get your loan (if financing the purchase). Additionally, your agent can be consulted throughout the loan approval process to ensure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible.

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Particularly if you’re buying a second or investment home on Maui, the appraisal and inspection process is key. Home appraisals not only estimate the value of the property, but they can also provide an estimate of how much rehabilitating or repairs may cost when renovating an existing structure. Then, having a professional inspector look at the house is invaluable; they can detect any obvious major issues that may be hiding behind attractive finishes. Through these processes, you’ll discover any unforeseen problems and confirm the value of your new investment, reducing any regret in the future.

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When you purchase a property on Maui, closing the deal can be both exciting and overwhelming. When it comes to closing on the home, that’s where having an experienced and qualified Maui real estate professional at your side will continue to make the process flow more smoothly. From organizing documents needed for the sale and reviewing disclosure statements to facilitating closing documents and finally transferring ownership of the property, the right team of real estate law professionals and real estate agents will make closing an organized and stress-free process.